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Guitar Ensemble

Playing with others is a lot easier than playing by yourself!


The CTGG Guitar Ensemble is a community based group that focuses on exploring and performing large ensemble-based repertoire both in and out of the guitar world. Works have included pieces written specifically for guitar ensemble and guitar quartet, and arrangements of traditional concert work masterpieces. The ensemble continues to perform traditional classics, popular selections, and recent twentieth century works. The ensemble meets on Saturday evenings and welcomes players of all classical guitar backgrounds. The CTGG ensemble is lead by Michael Stubblefield.


Develop your ability

Get on stage

Play with others

Whether you are a total beginner or are taking lessons this is a great way to work on your tone, technique, reading, and musical development.

Learning how to playing with a group is a totally different and valuable skill that many guitarists do not get. The best way to build this skill is to play with others.

Members will have performance opportunities through The Music Academy, Connecticut Guitar Guild, and more.

Yearly membership to the ensemble costs $50 and can be paid at any time.

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