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CGG Guitar Fest! (2023)

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The Connecticut Guitar Guild is proud to present its first guitar festival! This one day event will be full of classes, workshops and performances. Classes and workshops will take place at Company N' Tempo in Cromwell, CT. After morning and afternoon classes, the festival will break for dinner and conclude at the First Congregational Church in Cromwell for the evening concert. The concert will have both participants and faculty. 


All participants under the age of 18 can have a guardian with them at no additional cost.

Day pass - $75

  • All day access to all classes and workshops.

  • Free admission to the evening concerts.

  • An opportunity to play in the masterclass.

  • An invitation to play at the evening concerts.

Evening concert - $10

The evening concert is free to all participants. Non participants are welcome to come with a suggested donation of $10. Audience members under 12 are free.


All participants are welcome to watch and/or play in the masterclasses. Click here to register to play


Group warm up with Benjamin Tint - 9:30-10 

Join Benjamin Tint at the start of the day with a group warm-up. Mr. Tint will lead the participants through a warm-up and technique review of the left and right hands.

Suzuki Group Class with John Cesar - 10:00 - 10:45

John Cesar will run a Suzuki group class for Suzuki students in books 1-3. Topics to be covered will be repertoire review, music theory, ensemble playing.

"With E's: Composing for guitars with Michael Stubblefield - 10:00 - 10:45

California based composer Michael Stubblefield will teach a class on how to compose for the classic guitar (it will be eeee-z).

Building a home studio with Benjamin Tint - 11:00-11:45
Benjamin Tint will run a seminar on the basics of building a home studio. The class will be led through different options and necessities for creating a quality home recording setup.

Essentials of practice with Nick Cutroneo - 11:00-11:45

Join Nick as he goes over how to schedule your practice sessions to the full extent. 

The multi-genre instrument with Morgan Brown - 1:15-2:00

Join Morgan Brown in discovering how classical guitar technique and skills can be applied to other instruments and genres, and how to make use of our very specific set of skills as classical guitarists to excel in any genre to which we apply our minds

Lecture from Gef Fisher - 1:15-2:00

Guitar builder Gef Fisher will host a talk about all things classical guitar construction.

Masterclasses with Benjamin Tint and Jaclyn Jones - 2:15-3:30

Signups ahead of time are required to participate. Viewing is open to everyone.

Participant concert - 4:30

Participants of the festival are encouraged to play at the evening concert. This will be located at First Congregational Church. 355 Main St, Cromwell, CT 06416

Faculty concert - 5:30

Immediately after the participant concert, the faculty of the festival will perform selected works.

Optional dinner 7:00-8:00

Join is in celebration as we close out the night.

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